Writing sentences!

The boys learnt the sound ‘ir’ in Phonics this week. The boys enjoyed writing sentences using words from their spelling list. We then made this more challenging by including an adjective.

Over the weekend, see if your son could write some sentences using words from their spelling list. It would be great if they could challenge themselves by including an adjective, or maybe two! Remind them to use a capital letter and full stop.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend! 🙂

Mental Health Breakfast

The boys enjoyed starting their morning by munching through their breakfast in class! We spent time chatting to our friends and listening to relaxing music to start our day.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

The Big Mosaic!

The whole school are taking part in the Big Draw. The theme this year is ‘come back to colour’. It is not about trying to recapture a time that has been lost – it is about capturing, celebrating and finding joy with all the beautiful and wondrous things that remain. This the week, the boys worked with Mrs Blackborow to create their mosaic tiles. They were truly creative!



We have been trying to solve problems using addition and subtraction, and to find the corresponding number families.

Using the picture below, see if the boys can create their own problem solving story and write the equation to match. For example – There are 10 bears altogether. 6 of them are adult bears. How many baby bears are there? 10-6=4

We have also been looking at creating number families. For example, using the numbers 7, 5 and 2, you can make both addition and subtraction number sentences. This would look like –

Could the boys create a number family for 10, 7 and 3?


Have a lovely weekend 🙂



This week!

At the start of our week, Year 1 were very lucky to welcome a special guest. Mr Walker came to talk to the boys about his time in Kenya. He showed us lots of pictures and told us some incredible stories about his time there.


We also discussed the celebration Diwali this week. We spoke about how Diwali is celebrated and particularly focused on Rangoli patterns. The class used or learning power collaboration to create their own pattern with nature.

Finally, the boys looked amazing in their Halloween outfits. I think these were the scariest year yet!


The boys have worked incredibly hard this half term and all deserve a well earned rest! We hope you all have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you all when we are back!

The Year 1 team 🙂

Welly Time

This week in Welly Time, we were using our knowledge of addition to create number sentences using items in nature. The boys showed great collaboration with their partner to find different items and create the + and = signs.


Could you make an addition number sentence out of different objects you may have at home?


We hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂


The boys have been working very hard with their Math work this week. We have been focusing on number bonds, number sentences and number stories, using methods such as part-whole models, counting on and addition sentences. Over the weekend, see if your son could tell you a number story. They could use toys, items in the environment or pictures in a book.

A number story would sound like this ‘There are 5 birds in the tree and there are 2 birds on the ground. How many birds are there all together?’

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

New Friends!

This week we were very lucky to have some new guests arrive in 1R – stick insects!

The boys are thoroughly enjoying having class pets and are making sure they are being cared for! Thank you very much Mrs Catherall, we love them 🙂


Just a quick reminder that we are encouraging the children to come into the classroom and organise their belongings in the morning more independently. Whenever possible please say goodbye at the gate and encourage them to do this!


Have a lovely weekend – The 1R Team 🙂

African Masks!

As you know, the boys are learning all about Africa this half term. This week in Art, the boys created their own African masks. They had to think carefully about the different shapes and patterns they wanted to use. They drew their ideas onto card and cut these out independently! They looked fantastic!


We hope you have a lovely weekend! 🙂



First week in Year 1!

What a busy two days we have had in 1R! The boys have adapted so well to the new rules and routines and most importantly had fun too! I hope you all have a restful weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 🙂