Sports Day fun!

Word of the day:









Well done to all the boys! You were fantastic at sports day!

In Art the boys have designed and created their own bags based on London. Today the boys showed their colourful bag designs to 1TD. 🙂

The boys enjoyed visiting the Science lab today. They looked at the objects from the curiosity window and they had lots of questions.

Thank you to Mrs Shah who held a yoga class with the boys last week. They had lots of fun and relaxation!

Well done to Ezekiel and Vinon who were awarded the ‘Bronze Award’ for completing the ‘Been There Done It Challenge’.

Welly Day

In the morning the boys started by getting their hands messy. They created mud faces on the trees and named their finished characters! 🙂

Mrs Curran presented our ‘Little LEO’ Jack with the book ‘Marlie’s Tangled Tale’. We read the book in Class and it highlights the issue of plastic rubbish. They boys are very aware of recycling and plastic waste and are conscious that they dispose of their rubbish correctly.

The boys created a spider out of items they found in nature including, sticks, leaves and pine cones.



The boys enjoyed eating toasted marshmallows and bananas which were cooked on the fire pit.

In the afternoon the boys took part in the matchbox challenge. They had to collect as many different things as they could find and put them in their box!




Funny Bones

Word of the day

crumble, guest, scorch, refrigerate, plunge, unforgettable, broad, royal, discover, aid, borrow, shadow, deliver, crunchy

The boys loved creating their own Funny Bones stories. They are fantastic! They had wonderful ideas and drew beautiful illustrations for each page.

The boys designed their coin mosaic with Isaac and Josh from year 8. Thank you for all the money raised for the head boy’s charities.

Year 1 made their own maps of London with a key. They enjoyed drawing all the London landmarks.

In Maths this week the boys have been learning about multiplication and learning how to draw arrays.

Have a lovely Fathers Day on Sunday 🙂 and enjoy the Summer fair !

Times Tables Challenge!

Dear boys

We have a new Maths Challenge for you.  During the last week of term Mr Pontin, Head of Maths, will be testing boys who confidently know their times tables up to, and including, 12×12.  He will ask the boys a mixture of questions to test their confidence and knowledge.  All boys who can successfully answer all the questions will receive a special times tables badge.


Good luck!

Little LEOs meet Big LEOs

Today the Little LEOs went to meet the Big LEOs.

The boys were very excited but beautifully behaved, showing curiosity, collaboration, initiative, focus and a super amount of knowledge and understanding about the environment. They were able to see their tomato plants growing bigger and share the things they brought along, the other LEOs who were suitably impressed! They did us all proud.

Thank you also to Mrs Aldridge for coming along to assist and meet the team.


Please could each boy bring a pebble into school next week for an art project on Wednesday.

The pebble needs to be roughly 6cm x5cm and smooth.

Many thanks

Breakfast Time

Word of the day

  1. forgive
  2. mystery
  3. pretend
  4. epic
  5. wither

The boys enjoyed eating their breakfast, whilst spending time talking with their friends to begin mental health week.

Happening History

Word of the day

  1. engulf
  2. adopt
  3. drain
  4. provoke

The boys had a fun time at the ‘Happening History’ workshop. They loved learning about life in a castle and they had the opportunity to make butter, flour and use a replica castle oven. The boys were very excited to try on a knights armour.

The boys  have been studying minibeasts in Science. We went on a minibeast hunt in the pond area. The boys found lots of minibeats including frogs, newts, beetles, ladybirds and woodlice.

In Literacy the boys created shape poems. They worked in groups and went onto creating their own. The boys enjoyed guessing what each others poems were about by looking at the shape.


In Maths this week the boys learnt about fractions. They enjoyed making pizzas and dividing them into different fractions. We also wrote the fraction as a number.


Summer begins

Word of the day

  1. leaky
  2. delicious
  3. narrow
  4. echo
  5. trudge
  6. beaver

The boys enjoyed presenting their animal projects to the class. They worked very hard and the boys learnt lots of new facts about different animals.

In RS this half term the boys are learning about creation stories. Each week we are focusing on a different religion and how they believe the world was created. The boys have shown lots of interest sharing their own views and asking lots of questions.

In Art this week the boys drew a castle and painted their drawings using watercolours. They added lots of detail and traced over their lines with a black fine liner.

In Literacy we are reading lots of books written by the Author Alan Ahlberg. This week we read the story Cops and Robbers. The boys then created their own stories about a new adventure the robbers went on.

The boys welcomed four new members to 1G, our class caterpillars. The boys have enjoyed watching them grow!

Maths Challenges!

We are learning about castles this half term.  Here are some castle questions!

  1. A castle has 4 towers.  There are the same number of soldiers posted on each tower.  If one tower has 3 soldiers, how many soldiers are posted on all 4 towers?
  2. If there are 16 castles in Hertfordshire and twice as many castles in Kent, how many castles are there in Kent?
  3. If 97 soldiers fought in a battle and 11 were killed, how many soldiers survived?
  4. There were 3 armies and each army had 150 soldiers. How many soldiers were there altogether?
  5. A battle started at 6am and lasted 8 hours.  What time did it finish?
  6. A sword costs £1.50 to buy.  If you buy the sword with a £5 note, how much change will you receive?