Word of the day……

In Literacy this week the boys were focusing on rhyming words. We read the book ‘Snail on the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson. The boys then came up with their own idea and wrote a Class poem.

The Tooth Thief

I had a wobbly tooth,
It was very loose.
I was brushing my teeth,
Then along came a thief.
He wobbled my tooth,
He wobbled and wobbled it,
Until it fell out a bit.
He jiggled and jiggled my pearly white,
Then it flew out like a kite!

We have introduced word of the day. This week we learnt the following words:
1. devour
2. reject
3. warrior
4. wobbly


The boys learnt the meaning of each word and the spelling. If they used it in their writing or correctly when speaking they got a sticker.

In Art this week the boys did an observational drawing. We studied still life drawings and paintings by Artists who focused on fruit. The boys used oil pastels to create their drawings.


The boys completed a measuring challenge outside today.

They had to find objects which were 5cm, 10cm and 15cm. They measured a circumference of a tree as well as  completing other measuring tasks.


Have a lovely half term boys! 🙂

Happy New Year!新年快乐

The boys experienced marbling this week in our art lesson to create a background for our Titanic scene. They used collage to add detail.

The boys learnt about speech bubbles and thought bubbles in Literacy. They completed comprehension work based on the story ‘Tiddler’.

Happy New Year! 新年快乐
The boys celebrated Chinese New Year today by cracking open fortune cookies, eating prawn crackers and playing some games.

The boys made a mask of the animal from the year they were born. They were either a snake or a dragon.

Blog Busters! Super Symmetry!

This week the boys have been learning about symmetry.  Boys, your maths challenge this week is to design your own symmetrical pattern, using different shapes and colours.  Remember to draw a line of symmetry before you start!  Bring your designs into School, as we would love to see them.

I’m Stick Man!

Last week in Maths the boys continued to learn about money. They can add up totals beyond £1 and they were finding change.

This week in Literacy we read the ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. The boys worked in groups to create a different scene from the book. They drew the picture and coloured it in and finished it by adding detail with collaging techniques. They wrote a description about their scene in groups taking it in turns to write sentences. 1TD also created three different scenes from the book and we displayed them in the Pre Prep library to retell the story. Please go up and take a look! 🙂

The boys enjoyed creating Mr and Mrs Material for our Science display!

The boys had lots of fun in the snow!

New Maths Challenges to try!

Well done to all the boys who completed last week’s challenges.  Here are some more!

  1. 50p + 30p =
  2. 25p + 40p =
  3. 85p + 25p =
  4. 65p – 60p =
  5. 95p – 15p =
  6. There are 30 boys in each class and 3 classes in total.  How many boys are there altogether?
  7. There are 5 puppies in a basket and 6 baskets altogether.  How many puppies are there in total?
  8. Make number bonds to 30:        25 + ? = 30, 18 + ? = 30, 21 + ? = 30
  9. Make number bonds to 50:        45 + ? = 50, 10 + ? = 50, 38 + ? = 50
  10. How many days in a fortnight?
  11. How many days in a year?
  12. How many weeks in a year?

Extra Challenges!

13. £1.20 + 80p =

14. £2.50 + 70p =

15. There are 8 kittens in a basket and there are 6 baskets altogether.  How many kittens are there?

16. There are 9 boys in a team and 5 teams in total.  How many boys are there altogether?

Fun in the snow!

This week in Literacy the boys completed a comprehension activity. They enjoyed finding the answer in the text to solve the questions. The boys has lots of fun learning about similes and thought of some lovely ideas!

In Maths the boys have been solving lots of different problems using money. They started the week with discussions around money. Where does money come from? Do we need money? The boys practised to identify all the coins and their value. They created a display and used their addition skills to find totals.

1G had fun in the snow!

The boys have been exploring around the School collecting materials. They divided the materials into groups.

The boys painting the Titanic. We are looking forward to seeing all your wonderful creations of the Titanic room you were given!


Our week in Year 1

This week the boys listened and joined in to the story of the Gruffalo. They completed a book review about the story and created some paintings of the characters. We will be focusing on the Author Julia Donaldson and her stories over the next few weeks.

The boys display about the fours seasons looks wonderful. Please come into our cloakroom to have a look!

In Maths this week the boys have been learning about place value focusing on tens and ones. They moved onto adding two double digit numbers.

The boys have been learning about capacity today in Topic Maths. They were focusing on a litre and carried out some measuring activities.

The boys have been working hard and filled up their marble jar. They had an icing party today to celebrate. They had lots of fun! Well done boys!

Have fun with our Maths Challenges!

  1. What is double 12?
  2. Find half of 22.
  3. Continue the pattern: 3, 6, 9, 12, ? ? ?
  4. If it is 3 o’clock now, what time will it be in half an hour?

This week we have been learning how to add and subtract 10.  Can you answer the following questions:

5. 25 + 10 = ?

6. 37 + 20 = ?

7. 40 + 30 = ?

8. 12 – 10 = ?

9. 58 – 10 = ?

10. 60 – 20 = ?

Extra Challenges!

11. What is double 15?

12. Calculate half of 48.

13. Continue the pattern: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, ? ? ?

14. What is a quadrilateral?


Happy New Year!


In art this week the boys looked at work created by artist based on the theme seasons. They created a whole class piece of Art work to represent the four seasons. Each group worked on a different season. They began using tissue paper to stain a blank canvas.


The boys sorted out the buttons into different colours. They discussed which colours would be most suitable to represent each season.



In Science this week the boys enjoyed exploring materials and where they come from.The boys begun by naming different materials. They found objects in the classroom made from the different materials. Presented with a variety of materials the boys sorted them into the different categories based on where they came from. If they didn’t know the answer they asked each other, looked in books and used the internet.



The boys were telling the time to quarter past and quarter to this week and continuing to learn the time on the digital clock. The boys enjoyed using pizza to understand quarter and half. We have also been counting in 5s.

Congratulations to Vinon who won the Pre Prep poster competition! He created a poster to encourage the boys to ‘Wave goodbye to waste’. His poster will be displayed around the School. Well done, Vinon!

We learnt a months of the year song and explored what happens in the four different seasons. What is your favourite season and why?

The boys were looking into the future this week and travelling in our Class time machine. They used playdough to create an alien and produced an alien passport using adjectives.

Today the boys listened and joined in reading the story ‘Teo va al mercado’ in Spanish. Thank you Mrs Hillcoat for coming to read to the boys this morning and teaching them new words!